Eric Wheeler 

is an imaginative, self-taught, up-and-coming painter, (And beginning to dabble in sculptor) who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. His works are often noted for their unique style, structure, form, free-form, painting elements and technique.
Eric has developed an innovative style that blends colors, pigments, metallic paints and metallic dusts, epoxy, acrylics, and ordinary latex acrylics into abstract expressionism.
Some paintings include the use of vibrant colors and strong lines, while others use vibrant colors with no formed boundaries for free-flow and off-the-canvas edges.
His uniqueness is that he has no clear set or defined boundaries for what he creates; the weather, time of day, the light streaming in his windows, his mood, the music playing in the background as he paints, and even the occasion; each begins a starting point to which an ending is never quite clear until the work is actually completed.  Eric creates a style and flavor only he can claim to own.
His sculptures are a brand new area he has begun to explore and he has just begun to tap into that new and vibrant energy unknown to him until recently.

Eric's first website is broken into four areas that reflect the feeling his art evokes for himself; "North", "South", East" and "West" are his beginning  points for where each work can be viewed individually or in "slideshow" format.  Simply click the paintings to the right or access each point of the compass at the top of the page to see each of his works.

Eric can be contacted for his already completed works (Displayed on this website) or can be reached to create the perfect piece of any size or to fit a particular space; color, technique, texture, element - all can be discussed to meet your personal needs, or you may simply give him a color pallet and idea of your style and personal flair, and he will create a work to meet your specific needs.


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